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Aquarius Horoscope Sign Meanings

If you think you are an Aquarius horoscope sign, you will need to have been born on or between "January 20th and February 18th" if you fall on or between these dates you are and this article has been written for you. You will learn some of the meanings, personality and characteristic traits that come with being an Aquarius. This will help you in making daily decision about the way you think and act.

Laser Style Focus

You like to watch what is going on around you because this helps you with your analysis. You are extremely detail oriented and have a laser style focus. Your intelligence can seem very simple to you but to others it is something that is very extraordinary. Creativity for you comes very natural and this can be applied to many facets of your life, this trait also helps you when communicating with others because you are not held to any certain level.

The ruling planet over Aquarius is Uranus, and the personality traits you get from this are devotion, determination, honesty, kindness, seriousness and confidence. You are extremely confident but not to the point that it seems out of place. You are sure of yourself but at the same time can take criticism.

Determined and Driven

As someone born under the Aquarius horoscope sign you are highly devoted and expect the same in return; you practice this devotion on many different levels such as work, friendships, partners, and family. You have an honesty that cannot be shaken; you do not like it when you are around others that aren't. You are determined and a very driven individual, and once your mind has been set on something you will not turn away unless, something of more potential can truly be obtained.

The Aquarius shares the air sign with the Gemini and Leo, and you also share the traits that come along with it such as, sometimes you appear to be analytic, remote, or detached. These traits by far are not to be taken lightly, you are very curious about life's aspects and life experiences and this makes you want to analyze different aspects of life such as people, plants, trees, society, countries and different worlds.

The eleventh sign of the Zodiac is the Aquarius, and if you are born under this sign you are a thinker, observer, intelligent and very creative. You will be very smart and the reason for this is you are always on the search for the truth. You use your thinking ability to find the right path, and rarely ever take a path that is unknown or dangerous.

It may sometimes seem that as an Aquarian you are distant or remote but you are deep in thought or in a place that is comforting to you. You have the ability to detach yourself from a situation, this is a gift because most people cannot detach themselves, and therefore they are stuck right where they are.

Water Carrier Sign

The symbol or horoscope sign of the Aquarius is the water carrier. You're probably wondering what that might mean. The water carrier is the provider of nourishment for our bodies, and this nourishment provides life, freedom, and creativity. You are the seeker of freedom and not just for yourself but for all people. Although you are very independent you are a non-conformist and at times a bit rebellious.

You always have the need to be unique and can't stand the thought of being simple or normal. Even if you can't afford it you are highly individualistic and to some this may seem eccentric or indifferent, but it is who you are. You love to strive for equality but search for liberty within it. You are a very original person and to some you may strike them as genius.

If born under the Aquarius horoscope sign you will have a deep sense of love and it is very easy for you to build very close relationships, but you are very cautious and will not just turn over for anyone. Sometimes you inflict uncertainty on yourself which creates self doubt as well as worry, but all these things help to round your life out and make you who you are.