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Leo Zodiac Compatibility

Positive and Negative Traits of the Leo

Every astrological sign has good compatibility traits and not-so-good traits. As a Leo, you are known for being loving and faithful - you are not likely to cheat on your partner. You're also very warmhearted and extremely generous; people often turn to you for help. You're naturally enthusiastic and broad-minded, too, making you a lot of fun to be around. On the negative side, you tend to be bossy and you like interfering in other people's business. Many people perceive you as being patronizing and intolerant. Be careful not to act too pompous, which is a major risk.

Compatible - Leo in Love

People who date Leos often feel very lucky. After all, this zodiac sign tends to go all out in order to keep their partners happy. Indeed, you have no trouble whatsoever with expressing your love for the person in your life. You are a warm and caring person. On the flip side, though, your passion can backfire. If you suspect infidelity or other problems, your passion could make you erupt in anger and jealousy. Your best compatibility match is Aries and your worst match is Scorpio. It may take you a long time to find an ideal partner.

What Zodiac Signs are Compatible with Leo

Leo zodiac compatibility tends to be most successful with Libra, Aries, and Gemini, but it still moderately workable with Cancer, another Leo, and Sagittarius. Leos maintain only the tiniest bit of compatibility with Virgo, Capricorns, and Aquarius. The typical Leo is almost completely incompatible with Taurus, Pisces, and Scorpio.

What Zodiac Signs Go Together with Leo

Virgo and Leo zodiac signs go together well and compatibility is generally very strong, but only so long as Leo can overlook the critical nature of Virgo, while still admiring the natural talent and accomplishments of this sign. Gemini and Leo are great together, their compatibility is extraordinarily strong as the combination of emotional and logical love can create deep bonds that will last a lifetime.

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