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 Virgo Tattoos Designs

Virgo tattoo designs are symbolized by the virgin, often through a picture of a young woman carrying a wreath, flowers, or wheat. The virgin body art design represents the Virgo's qualities to keep to his or her self.

Because of their great practicality, Virgos may have a tendency to keep their emotions and personal lives private. They are also composed and always appear consistently in public matters, which are similar qualities to the privacy and propriety of a young virgin.

The virgin also symbolizes the Virgo's natural qualities of perfection and order. Just like the traditional virgin, Virgos are unsoiled by emotion and frivolity, instead choosing consciously to remain committed to their values and practical pursuits.

The Virgo sun sign extends over all those born from August 23rd through September 22nd. Traditionally, Virgos are known to be extremely hard-working, organized, and practical.

In relationships where one person is prone to excitability or theatrics, a Virgo can exercise calm and control over the situation, diffusing any emotional detriment. Virgos are always logical and allow their minds to control their actions.

Where members of other zodiac signs may be ruled by their hearts, Virgos analyze situations before acting and plan their courses. Virgos love to know what to expect and enjoy routines, which allow them to keep greater control over their lives.

Because Virgos see the world as it is, they can sometimes be prone to a good deal of disappointment. However, this is coupled with their well-defined sense of the way they believe things should be.

Virgos hold themselves to extremely high standards and thus are hard workers. They can sometimes be critical of those around them who do not meet similar standards.

However, Virgos are also extremely dedicated and passionate toward those they love. Virgos like to show their emotions through their actions rather than words and can often be counted on to provide great caring and steadfast support no matter what.

Additionally, Virgo tattoo designs may be symbolized by an image that is shaped similarly to a capital M with a tail that wraps inward along the last vertical line of the letter.

This design is similar to that of the Scorpio zodiac sign, though it holds a different meaning. The Virgo image is thought to be representative of the female reproductive system.

However, because this particular zodiac tattoo design represents the virgin, the closed tail around the edge of the symbol protects the Virgo's sacred need for privacy in all personal matters.