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Pisces Horoscope Sign Meanings

The 12th and last sign of the Zodiac is Pisces and if you are born under this sign you are compassionate, emotional, selfless, and somewhat addictive personality. This person will never be accused of only thinking about themselves, and the reason for this is because they can't, it's just not a part of their nature. They are in touch with their emotions and for this reason they feel them a lot more than any of the other 11 signs of the Zodiac.

Ruling Planet Neptune

The ability to experience emotion for some people is very difficult because with it comes with other feelings which most aren't in tune with. If you are a Pisces person you are also full of compassion, and you like to fill your surroundings with people that have the same qualities. Your ruling planet is Neptune and this brings with it some very unique personality traits and characteristics such as devotion, love, caring, and kindness. Neptune is a very powerful planet, and if the Pisces zodiac sign drifts too far in any one direction it's possible that they can lose a sense of reality.

Most every Pisces you will meet is highly devoted to whom or what ever the cause is, the devotion they have runs very deep, meaningful and is unwavering. Your love is not only for people or relationships but you have a very strong love for life as well. This kind of love helps to drive you because you are always striving for different situations and new ideas. Your love for people can be seen in the way you care for them and this is not limited to loved ones only, but friendships and even people you don't know personally.

Pisces Water Sign

If you are a Pisces you are a water sign and you share this sign with Cancer and Scorpio. You also share the same horoscope traits such as sensitivity, manipulation, and emotion. Pisces are a sensitive people and it's not because they wear their feelings on their cuffs, they are very deep and in touch with them-selves, which to some can seem as though it is a weakness and it's not. Their sensitivity comes from being in touch with life and the world, and these things are held very dear to them. Pisces zodiac sign on the other hand can be very manipulative, and normally this is because they have the ability to use their analytic thinking to get what they want from life or other individuals.

Pisces is the symbol of two fish that are swimming in opposite directions yet joined by a cord. You are driven by many influences and this allows you the ability to choose your direction. You are very sympathetic and you can feel other people's pain, and much of what you do is to comfort them in their time of need. You make a large amount of sacrifices and you are very forgiving for the people you love. You are very romantic and have a way with loving relationships, you are dedicated and devoted, and when you fall in love in most cases it is inseparable. You have a tendency to put the person you love on a pedestal and cherish them as though they were an idol.

If you are a Pisces horoscope sign this means you would need to have been born on or between "February 19th and March 20th" if you were born on or between these dates you are definitely a Pisces and the rest of the article below is written just for you. You will learn about all the personality meanings and characteristic traits you have in common with people born under this sign. This information can help you in making better decisions about your everyday life.

The problem is that this world is not loving, and the personality traits of the Pisces may find it hard to survive. Sometimes you find that life is difficult but you are not one to cut and run, yet you will not stay in one unwanted place for too long, because unlike other horoscope signs of the Zodiac the Pisces doesn't handle stress very well. You have a powerful imagination and this can make you fearful at times, but all these things help to round out your personality.