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Taurus Horoscope Sign Meanings

Taurus Horoscope Sign Predictions and Readings for Free, Daily, Weekly and Birthday Horoscope Taurus Horoscope Sign Predictions and Readings for Free, Daily, Weekly and Birthday Horoscope

The second horoscope sign of the Zodiac is Taurus, which is also the first of the earth signs. You are the symbol of the bull, and if you are like most people, when you think of a bull they are very tough as well as very solid thinkers. The bull only begins to rage when they are provoked; they do not run around looking for a fight. In fact, this is such a mellow sign because they prefer things to be simple and quiet. They are stable and at peace most of the time and as long as they aren't prodded continually, their lives keep them very busy.

Determined and Ruled by Venus

The Taurus is the perfect picture of stability and many people depend on you because of this. Your determination and patience is not even second to any other sign. You are cautious and extremely methodical. You are ruled by the planet Venus and this means you are very gentle, persistent, stubborn, steadfast, and also sensual. You are a connoisseur of fine drink and food, and most everything appeals to your extremely strong senses.

Males are frequently found to be macho and masculine, and females are curvaceous and feminine, they also have a higher than normal maternal instinct. Both male and female have a good eye when it comes to color, and are very in-tune with pleasant shades such as blues and yellows. Taurus is an earth sign and not because someone has called you earthy, but this comes from what you really are. The Taurus blends with everything around them and everything becomes a part of you. Because you are an earth sign, you are very sensual as well as being in-touch with all five senses and as such you have the ability to flow right along and be at peace with life.

Familiarity and Structure

As a Taurus sign you do not adjust to change too well unless it is gradual and well thought out. You normally gravitate to what is real and in most cases this makes you more productive. Security and structure is the word of the day for you, and typically you will want everything that is familiar, around you at all times. You are the type of person that has worked at the same job for many years, as well as living in the same home. Your friends are held very close and to them you are like a rock, they can always depend on you to be the same person all the time.

You are trustworthy with important information and can hold many a secret. The Taurus is very devoted as a friend and companion, as well as kind, compassionate, caring, and honorable. You posses a high level of integrity, and are completely honest. You will be hard pressed to find a Taurus that is conniving or cunning with finances. You are very good with business decisions because you have the ability to think processes through.

If you think you might be a Taurus horoscope sign, you need to have been born between "April 20th and May 20th" if you were born anytime between those two dates you were born under the Zodiac sign of Taurus, and the information provided below will help you to understand what your sign is all about and its meanings.

You are a very constructive and a creative person and like to use things that make your life easier. At times this zodiac sign can be very materialistic, and in most cases this is caused by your never ending need for security. You have jealous and possessive traits which encompass your friends, family and loved ones. You like to own and not rent, if it is not yours you will find a way to own it.

The planet Venus brings balance and peace, so there is no need for discontent or fuss; you're not a drama person or will easily throw tantrums when something doesn't move your direction. Because of the love you have with things that are familiar, most of the time your favorite place to be is home. All Taurus horoscope signs love people but can do without any adventure. You are not spontaneous and have a very hard time with people that are. You are rounded and everything about you is what everyone likes.